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Activities in Constanta (Romania)

The creative residency in Constanta, Romania, took place from 1 to 6 October 2018.

To watch the movie about this residency, >>please click here.


in the Museum of National History and Archeology


A beautyful location to rehearse the plays

Visits to the Park and the Archaeological Museum of the ancient Roman city

People from different European countries had the opportunity to visit the historical site of Constanta

Performance Legends on Circular Ruins

Performers from different countries at the historical site of Constanta: Georgiana Mazilescu, Liliana Cazan Bărăscu, Diana Vieriu, Otilia Nicoară, Marian Adochiței, Florentin Roman, Ionuț Rusu,Teodor Marcu (State Theatre of Constanta), Simonetta Rotundo, Onur Uysal, Peter Gaidarov, Matteo Mele

Memories and stories of Constanta

Area of the Roman Mosaic and Archaelological Museum of Constanta