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Aims of the Project Legends on Circular Ruins


Legends on circular ruins aims at making people aware of the complexity of European cultural heritage which is so rich and diverse and contains values, significances, memories that are a fundamental source of knowledge, understanding, creativity. It is inspired in its title by a novel of Jorge Luis Borges, that expresses the syncretic nature of knowledge, the intimate relations of distant spaces and times that are kept alive by the fire of the creation, of a deep syncretism of cultures that are bound in a circular movement, an infinite library of Babel that includes languages, cultures, in an endless movement, going beyond borders, separations.

The project aims to enhance the tangible and intangible heritage (traditional musics, songs, dance, theatre, literature, mythology) of 5 sites in 4 countries (Italy, Romania, Spain, Albania) reviving it through innovative site-specific performing arts activities, community-based activities, 'creative' visits, favouring the involvement of the communities, through the promotion of their skills and their active participation. Making people feel, participate, reflect on the fact that cultural heritage is a way for them to feel and express their belonging to Europe and to better understand the richness and uniqueness of its cultural diversity.