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Legends on Circular Ruins Blog


Researches on the sites, stories, legends, myths

March 20/Roberta
For Legends on Circular Ruins researches on the sites, stories, legends and myths have been compiled.

3rd Day in Constanta

October 3/Simonetta
This morning we started with PA TUAN CIN (Laura arrived at the end)
It is very hard to forget the ordinary attitude, the common habits...the RESISTENCE of the bodies, the group is difficult. We worked on Karate (i miss it...)and movement with CHIAI.
Then we passed to the TIGER, we finally did all the sequence.
Where are your eyes?
where is your heart?
How can I reach your breath?
We spoke with Fabio to find the elements to work on...
Where is this fire?
I'm sad to see this theatre, in streets, in the heart of people.
We are so fragile.

Histria.....what a wonderful place

October 2/Simonetta
We went to Histria.....what a wonderful place.....Which are the memories of the places?
what can we find?
the beauty of the wild....
traces of histories and horizon.

First Day in Constanta

October 1/Simonetta
First day of workshop here in Constanta (cold day, grey sky and RAIN!!!)we went to visit the museum in the morning, FINALLY!.Most interesting thing, for me:
1GLIKON a divinity with the body of a snake, the head of lamb and lion hair. Protect house and family.(very impressed about this statue if you look in font eyes/to eyes it seems a woman!)
2PONTHOS protector of the city of TOMIS(he has this crown on the head that is the wall of the city) and protector of the' sea'. Message from Roberta...I miss her. Then we walk through the city but it was raining and could not follow very well. We went next to the sea,so beautiful so powerful....
why is it called BLACK SEA?
Liviu told me 'cause when there is not good weather, there is a storm the water becomes darker and darker...
We met with Fabio at 4 p.m.How to organize the work,the training. He came out with this two words ILLUSION and DELUSION. What is ILLUSION? what's delusion?
The second one is more difficult to understand...more deep..
Dig Simo...DIG...
We finally meet the participants...some are very absent-minded.
Somebody is not ready to work....they leaved.
We tried to re-gain the concentration....
little resistances appeared
We will work harder and better..Then we spoke with Fabio, he asked a MEMORY OF ILLUSION
A SONG (delusion)(love)
To finish we did MOVEMENTS and SOUNDS
I'm not feeling so comfortable to guide this session....I think I'm not so able in guiding..i have the fear of BORING THE PEOPLE...WE WILL SEE....

In the Process of Trying

October 5/Peter
There is a little bit of moment in the training ready... process of trying... to work together...
Then we work on our actions... I realize I need a song for my action ... I am trying to sing by myself but something is not going right... I am asking Georgiana to sing for my action ... a song connected to death... which is relapsed to my memory of illusion... I like very much the song that she finds...
Then Mr.Tolledi continues to help the Romanian participants with the action... I show also my action... he helps me with a little detail... after a little break Mr. Tolledi forms the sequence of the demonstration...
we'll see...

Work with the Eyes and the Sight

October 4/Peter
The day starts with shriving our memories of illusion... it is necessary participants "catch" well the weaning... what is dead and what is alive in the theatre... the memories come to give am impulse... a connection between our lives...I am very much impressed by the story of Gilgamesh...
Then we work on our action but this time all together...
I am confused about my action... so I just follow the elements I have... do... do.... do.
After a while Mr. Tolledi start helping the Romanian participants with the action... It is astonishing once again the look of organicity...
/for me/... and the resistance to do what you have chosen... yes, we all want to escape... first from ourselves...
I notice, at least, the have started to work with the eyes and the sight...
I also need help... but maybe that is not the point... I am finding a sense in my action... but who knows what appears from outside...
we finish the day with the Turkish and Romanian songs... do we sing together?...

A Training Day

October 3/Peter
We start the day with training... it demands a different from daily life attitude... Mr. Tolledi has to speak again... as if they are outside the theatre... but theatre creaky starts when you enter the space of work... I agree with Mr. Tolledi that we need another life... we need to stay in a dimension out of the daily reality...
The work continues... with forming the elements that we have to gather so we can create an action.. what is an action?.. how difficult is it to reach simplicity... it is not only structure that we can repeat and develop... it is the simple thing that you have to do that makes the action so difficult...
Then we have a little time to work alone on our action considering the elements that Mr. Tolledi is giving us... Those elements are always a gift for me... thank you mr. Tolledi...
then we have to make our actions... but the process has to stop or to make a curve in another direction... it is because there is completely misunderstanding from the side of the Romanian participants…a comment... their sight is a not toward us... us I mean Astragali team... we start to sing... I want to reach the eyes of the Romanian actors and actresses.. bur their eyes are down...

Addition to the diary... a short description on the material that we are working on:
...we are working on the novel of Borges "Circular ruins"... a novel for me very near to beauty... it is a difficult text... the elements that mr. Tolledi gives us to support creating on action are:
1) a concrete detail from the novel that has impressed us...
2) a keyword of the memory connected to an illusion in our lives...
3) three active verbs from the novel
4) what is our desire... I must add that we are working in a poetical way trying to avoid the narrative moment... as I know a little bit the way of a work of mr. Tolledi... or what I have understood until now... the poetry is always connected with strong images...
It is a privilege that our master is also a poet...

Impressed by Stones

October 2/Peter
We are going to the ancient town of Histria... The road is beautiful... the flatness of the landscape of Dobrudja brings me a sensation of opening... a lovely dog in the field... we enter the ruins... I am always impressed by stones... we hear and can see the remains of a previous life... ours... horses... snakes... frogs... but the another form... the museum spears to me how many crafts they used to have...a life in ours... but before... the lake of sinoe is so still... live the time here... Mr Tolledi speaks... we always have to make connection between the place and ourselves... to make theatre here is not easy... he compares us to acrobats but without the net... a condition of uncertainty...
All the day we are travelling... around... circular ruins... Adam Kisi... a broken moment of stone... I am impressed... by the fact that the barbarians destroyed the head of the statue so it has not much the head they wanted to destroy but the face... it is really a strong action for me...
one face is also missing on the common picture that we made in the winery at the end of the day...the face of Roberta... We miss you Roberta... Stay strong...

A Walk through the Old City

October 1/Peter
...We start the day with a walk through the old city... we visit first the historical museum... a sculpture that I dreamt last night appears now in front of my eyes... is it INTUITION... same how I like the city... there are really a lot of stories... different cultures... the black sea reminds me of home...
The afternoon starts in a way that we have expected, except the disrespectful attitude of some of the state actors and actresses... I am sad... but not for me... my master doesn't deserve this... we have a light training... finally some good news from the body... I am curious about the work...
But mostly of the work of the other participants...
mirror, mirror on the wall...forget about me...

In Love with Nivica

September 21/Ester
Nivica got me in love with it. It was something so special that is almost impossible for me to put into word the things I'm feeling here.
I haven't travelled a lot, and being here, waking up every day in this place, being able to see to huge mountains, and realizing how small I am, and how people have developed the ability to kill this beautiful world when we are nothing compared with it... It scares me in a way.
But I also think that we don't know and it will take care of itself, and also will take care of us, the ones who love it. Nivica thaught me how to love the nature and respect the environement.
I'm so good and so thankful to be here.

You have a Grandmother or Mother Anywhere

September 21/LEVENT H. KARATAS
Nivica told me something really important . You have a Grandmother or mother anywhere in this earth.
I am not talking about just your mother. Think about all that honest feelings with somebody else, you can share the unique moment... their smiles contagious... Sincerely they are smiling at your face ever they don't have you!
they relocate you from your look. Just are looking to our eyes.
They are welcoming you with all their heart. Trying to not disturb you maybe, because they want you to feel at home.
They are talking to you. Singing to you. playing with you!
What can I say? I came here to find my brothers raised by these women.

This place is incredible, fantastic, magical...

September 21/ Sonia
This place is incredible, fantastic, magical...
It's like a fairytale, like a dream come alive.
This experience will be always an my mind, I couldn't forget it.
The people, the food, the village, the landscape... It's all so beautiful and kind I can't express what I am feeling right now. It's so strong feeling. I'm going to my home when I leave, I'll miss this so much.
I'm so happy to be here, maybe I'll come back, why not? All is perfect here. I feel like a princess!!
Thanks for all. Love

Meet in Nivica

September 21/ Simonetta
In the morning, after breakfast, we had a meeting with Fabio trying to understand what to do tomorrow...
We went to the apple fields to have training.
The cows and their puppies were all around... they were quite curios with us, they stopped near us and watch, with a cute moment, despite the pain... that passed with " SEPARATE WATERS"
In the afternoon we met another old lady of the village.
she was all dressed in black with some very white hair under the veil.
She told us her story, she was so happy, shy and strong. all this in a little woman.
It was beautiful to look to her making jokes
The image of herbs in the hands is in my mind and her eyes were so deep and sweet... but she was also great character!!!

A special Day, a special place

September 20/ Simonetta
Today it was a special day, a real special day.
In the morning we went to a sacred place in the mountains, it was a strange place... there was a little, let's say, building where inside people go and pray. there were lots of old candles in every corner... and we found the skin of a sheep hanging on a tree... Walking further you arrive to the place where the oldest oaks are so old and so great.. how many stories they can tell.. I felt the energy of them. In the afternoon , finally, we met some old women from the village. they were so shy. their shyness, their gestures remind me to the old women of my village in south of Italy. they sang to us first a lullaby and then a wedding song... they were so incredible to my eyes. I felt gifted from them, from their voices, from their smiles. Later, when we were at the bar, also the men sang! what powerful voices! they were so strong... I would like to know the meaning. But little by little...


September 19/ Simonetta
This morning we went on foot to canion… it was amazing a place hidden in the mountain with a little waterfall.
The path was not so easy but at the end we tried to go down to reach the water.
It was incredible, the water was so cold!!! We spent a beautiful time there. sensation to breathe with the whole body. We come back to the house and we had lunch together, everything is so delicious here.
Then we had a meeting with Fabio... he read something from the book NINFE of Giorgio Agamben, lots of thoughts.
come up this world of FANTASMATA.
Still working to understand better.
After we went to the village, we were supposed to have a meeting with people of the place and to collect songs and stories.. but it was not like that.
Anyway something strange and cute happened.. I was walking around when a man with a little girl took me to their home…there were problems with the language!!
After I came back to bar where we met Miklovan, another interesting meeting, he spoke about all the problems that this city had... and of course of his own problems too.
It is so strange how similar are the problems all over the world sometimes.

Kind and Hostpital People

September 17-18/ Simonetta
Travel to Albania started in the right way when we took the boat. I really don't like to travel with it but unexpected it was a good journey.
we arrived in Vlore at 7 in the morning, there were lots of people in the port.
We started our adventure in the car with Ermal. I didn't like something that he said.
we went first to Tepelene to meet the Mayor... a formal meeting for presentation.
then we went to a strange but wonderful place where we have met Mariel a woman that goes on the mountains to search for objects from the world war; she has a kind of collection/museum of these stuff.
It was impressive.
After we have moved on to a place (a restaurant) on the river, the landscape was great! But not the bees!!! I really trained my FEAR of them. But I couldn't eat too much, my stomach was closed.
then after a very loooong road in the mountains we arrived in Nivica, a very small village on the rocks. The people where we stay are so kind and hostpital! we had a tasteful dinner!
then with Fabio we have spoken a little on the work that we have to do and it's not simple but, of course, we will do our best!

An Incredible Place

September 21/Roberta
We visit the oak trees forest, a sacred place where still people go to prey, putting candles in a sort of shrine, of temple, open-air...
The oak trees, it is an incredible place that can't be explained by words. Feel the breathing of the trees. walking. a poetical place.
We speak once back about bektashi culture. Cultures that intertwine, transformation through dance...
Women of the village, we meet some of them, shyness, delicate singing. it is so beautiful, the voices that open like flowers. I am very grateful for it. Gifts. the song of men at the bar, coming as something surprising, how singing can put together people in a powerful way, with a common heart
Alexis Zojbes. Auron mentions him (the crying voice) Sali Nivica…the statue on the ground

What is the Relation Between Time and Image?

September 20/Roberta
We should find on image or detail for each meeting we will have, this is what Fabio asks.
The memory of the ITALO-GREEK war on the mountains, graves of soldiers.
Mirela, the lady of the future museum of memory...rows of bombs, helmets, rifles, rusty weapons.
We go to the canyon...huge breathless... the waterfalls... To reach the water...
Climbing mountains is a hard task. you must have confidence in the mountains... our guide is a fast and attentive... Golik…breathless moments...
nymphs in the waters, so natural. Onur is happy in the water.
What is the relation between time and image?
We speak about : Image and time, in between two moments of tension: head of medusa - stone- and hawk
The difficulty of memory… the memory that can change and upset the body.
We speak at the bar with an Albanian man Miklovan The time to stay in the bar is timeless.
We should make something simple and delicate for the people here, who are so hospital.

Mountains Up to the Sky

September 19/Roberta
Time is somehow suspended.
It is an ancient beauty that takes me... It reminds me of Palestine. Of childhood gardens... Myths of water... nymphs... sirens... how to enter into contact.
The travel is thrilling. Mountains up to the sky and the abyss.
The sky and the sea are one, melted.
We speak in the night... Father, mother where were you? where are you? You were son and daughter.
Happiness. I have no words on my mother this moment, we meet the group from Spain and our languages mix…Spanish, Turkish, Italian, English; we have dinner together, enjoying.
A little moment of listening... to stay without noise in one place... Listen to animals voices, they seem to speak.
Take care of parents, Mauro says... Onur…memory with waterfalls...

Training under an Apple Tree

September 21/Peter
1. Morning meeting
We all have the same impression of yesterday meeting with the teachers... but... Mr. Tolledi is always considering the situation more profound and in connection with ordinary people' s life... history doesn't exist... how customised I am... It is the process to maintain the memory alive... that is important...A dish of grapes on the table...A dish of hospitality..
2. TRAINING... an apple garden.. we make our training under an apple tree and among the cows...It is always a different sensation for me making training outside... I can feel the wind on my body... the sight is opening to the horizon.. the cows come to us smiling during the training... I feel my breath more deep and free... A girl and cow sitting on the ground next to colcothar...
3. Remembering the songs... sometimes the heart doesn't want to sing...
4. Meeting with a very old lady from the village... She is dressed in black... firm the legs to the head... once she had a red dress... Now the races of the years are so visible... but they can’t not hide the lively character of the lady... She is more opened than the teachers although she is also shy... somehow her story touches me... the moving from another village to Nivica... the wedding...The two years without a husband in an unknown family... the war... The communism...I am comparing her to my grandmother... I can recognise some elements that are the same... They are both of those people that can’t stop themselves from working hard despite the years..In my heart somethig is moving...what will happen with her after the does she live... maybe alone... because all her family is away... an abandoned grandmother... dressed in black... a chief with a tripod near her.. We have to hurry... for the technicians...

A Sacred Place in the Mountains

September 20/Peter
1. A walk to the sacred place in the mountains... an affront experience... we reach a little temple where people are praying... the eternal wired of pray of the people speaks to much sorrow there is in this world... a leather of sheep hanging on the tree... I understand that the people here are not fanatics in relation with their religion... a little bit after the temple we reach an open space of the oak trees... I wonder... what is the story of the place... I put a hand on one of the tree... I am praying... for an answer... A pray to the tree... later I would understand that people used to pray to the trees also... a need of pray...a broken oak tree on the ground...
2. A meeting with the women teachers of Nivica... Sitting in on line in front of us the teachers seem like a painting to me... they are shy... their bodies say so... It's different to open their memory...But Mr. Tolled knows the way... he asked them for a song... A delicate moment to me... women rolling something in their hands with two fingers... as common gesture... of shyness... they are not used to be exposed...As if they are rolling their memory in their hands... The line of the women of Nivica and two broken heads of Sali Nivica watching straight on them... the silence of a broken culture... a lullaby... The answer of the men of Nivica...It is impressive to see those men that we see these days drinking in the bar singing together... I am surprised... their songs sound strong to me... A sensation of the community... It is astonishing how a song can bring you back in the time... people shooting videos...


September 19/Peter
1. Morning conversation- under the fig tree... among enormous butterflies and bees... attention on the details... there reminds me of another life.. known to me.
2. Meeting with the Spanish dancers... I learn about the existence of two myths here in the region...the myth of the goat and the myth of the oak tree... remains of bread on the cover of the table...
3. A walk to the KANION... We are in the mountain of Kalama...there is something that I am asking, a specific beauty far from me here... may be the rocky character of the mountains... also the sensation of the abyss... the Kanion... an old bomb among the road.. I am hearing the water... the river is very down... and down we go... like the waterfall... A shape of fish on the a little empty space... and up we go...a master breathing hardly with a stick in a hand... may be the mountain only needs your question... Am I still ... waiting... Masking Davits, the top of the mountain swallows me... I hear the waters of Guava... I want to take the illness of my master away... traces of sheep wool... the simplicity of Golik...
4. Afternoon meeting- the question of time... is enough difficult to understand... now put it in connection with an image... It is really interesting... an open table... an image of memory...
5. Work with the community of Nivica to ask: what was the story of the man about?

Mi mancherà di Nivica

September 19/
Dopo otto ore di viaggio in Nave, fortunatamente di notte e dormendo in cabine con dei comodi letti; eccoci arrivati a Valona.
Dopo qualche tempo troviamo il nostro cicerone. Partiamo alla volte di Tepelene Ultimo Avamposto prima di Nivica. A Tepelene Il nostro Cicerone ci spiega che fu conquistata dall' Impero Ottomano sorprendendo la città al mattino invadendola dalle montagne che si scorgono dalla piazza principale dove siamo.
Io , Peter ed Onur , rimaniamo al bar della piazza, mentre Roberta , Simonetta e Mauro vanno ad un incontro col Sindaco della Città.
Una volta che gli altri son tornati dall' incontro ripartiamo col nostro piccolo Van. Dopo salite, discese,strade sterrate a strapiombo tra le montagne ci fermiamo a visitare la casa/ostello di Mirela piccola donna ma grande guida alpina, che dopo anni di guide e ritrovamenti di reperti risalenti alla seconda guerra mondiale ha messo su un piccolo Museo all' aperto di questi. La visita finisce con una birra bevuta seduti nel giardino che dà sul panorama fantastico della vallata.
Ripartiamo ancora verso una nuova destinazione. Questa volta il Van rimane in un parcheggio della strada principale e noi scendiamo verso il fiume. Lì troviamo un ristorante con la "sala" sul letto del fiume.
Il caldo che si faceva sentire ci ha spronato a toglierci le scarpe e camminare tra i ciottoli e l' Acqua GELATA.
Mangiamo del formaggio buonissimo e un agnello cotto veramente bene , peccato che Simonetta, avendo paura delle api non si è goduta questo ottimo pranzo. Quello che mi ha colpito su tutto è stata che l'acqua veniva presa dalle sorgenti che scendevano dalla montagna e finivano sotto i nostri piedi.
Ripartiamo dopo il pranzo direzione Nivica. due ore di salite discese strapiombi e macchine che venivano dalla direzione opposta. dopo questa bella esperienza e la tanta paura da parte di Mauro finalmente eccoci a Nivica.
La parte principale del paese è completamente rivestita di pietra viva. dal bar alle case al recinto che chiude il grande albero forse una quercia.
Conosciamo i proprietari della casa nel quale dormiremo e mangeremo.
Le mattine a Nivica sono leggere dall' aria priva di smog e polveri varie alla calma che si nota guardando il panorama. Conosciamo Miklovan il nostro riferimento nel Paese.
Il Bar è il punto di ritrovo per il paese, infatti qui sentiremo i canti polifonici degli uomini di lavoro, conosceremo la nostra guida che ci porterà a visitare i "canion"
Mentre sotto il Grande albero conosceremo le donne ed i particolare la signora più anziana del paese, piegata dalla fatica di anni di lavoro e di difficoltà di sopravvivenza. Ci spiegherà come ci si sposa e le varie tradizioni che devo essere osservate, tramite la sua esperienza del matrimonio.
Il suo viso mi riempie di emozione in particolare i suoi occhi sono vispi e felici nonostante la durezza delle rughe che le coprono il volto.
I Canion; la nostra guida si muove come se fosse sulla strada piana, mentre noi abbiamo delle difficoltà a muoverci per via del percorso un po’ accidentato; la paura di cadere e finire nella scarpate è tanta, ma con un po’ di coraggio scendiamo costeggiando un costone che ci apre ad una piccola cascata che cade in un mini lago dal quale parte un piccolo ruscello che va verso la vallata. Un paradiso. mancava solo una sirena e mi pareva un quadro o un immagine stereotipata
Il luogo sacro, con Besi e la sua jeep delle forze di cooperazione Turco/albanesi partiamo alla volta di un altro luogo che si trova su altra montagna diversa da quella dove si trova il paese.
Arrivati nel luogo si capisce subito che c’è qualcosa di diverso, quel luogo sembra sempre essere rimasto uguale nei secoli, tra alcune querce squarciate dai fulmini dei temporali si nota un cerchio pietra che non si sa se far risalire ad un luogo di culto. Più in alto di questi luogo ce il luogo dei sacrifici un piccolo altare dove vengono accese delle candele e vengono sacrificati gli agnelli. Le loro pelli, lasciate sui rami degli alberi vicini, vengono poi offerte al dio.
Lo spettacolo, lo facciamo tra gli archi di quelli che un tempo erano i portici del mercato. Io sono l’aiutante di Onur al Karagoz. Karagoz costruito con materiali recuperati, una cosa fantastica.
Mi mancherà di Nivica il buon odore della mattina, i sapori veri della cucina, la tranquillità della gente e del posto.

Getting to Nivica

September 17-18/Onur Uysal
The adventure of Albania, start with an amazing surprise. We came by ferry. On the sea.. without stress of airport. And I travelled the sea while sleeping on bed in first time of my life.
sleeping on the sea with the smell of, noise of the sea and the machine was the first remarkable point for me from the beginning.
the sailors woke up us in a little rude way but at last we arrived Albania fresh and I could see peace in all my colleagues faces, we really needed this.
We spent too much time with mad problems and stupid childish discussions.
while we were getting off the ferry, we were all fresh, peaceful, excited and ready for work.
We met with Albanian friends. They took us from the harbour and after a little rest, coffee, wifi connection, change of money etc.. a real adventure is started. Going to Nivica by van. Sometimes on a off-road..
It was a little difficult travel of course, but for me was very funny and I have two important remarkable points. First we make a break in a little home. Coffee, camping area on the high mountains.
The lady, the owner of this place, present us the materials that she collects from the forest. All materials are from two world wars.
One man who was born in France, makes a bomb, then sells it to a man who was born in Greece. Than man who was born in Greece and fought against a man who was born in Italy.
He catches the other on the mountains of Albania. After many years a woman who was born on the Albanian mountains makes this bomb of a man a vase for her flowers.
We strongly need this woman sensibility in our lives.
I have to think about this. Maybe it is connected with sirens myth.
they offered us beers. Than we went our way again. After a little break in Tepelene we reached a restaurant near the riverside in an amazing nature.
Tepelene is a beautiful village on the mountains. And I can recognize ("Alì Pasa" and "Bekjasi") two names in Turkish. But when we were at lunch when I saw it, I directly screamed for happiness and everybody understood where I came from at that moment.
It was a detail and everybody smiled.
I didn't think that I missed ‘ayran’ as much this, and our driver said he is also Turkish.
After this in all the way we were together with friendly and smiley people.
when we arrived Nivica my stomach was full of great cheese and meat and yogurt and all of them mixed inside because of the road.
(Also the apples we collected on the way) Albanian friends, host us homes.
But what homes! A real village house with its garden full of flowers, with an amazing vision of mountains. The owner of home directly offered us Arab tea ( çay) than ‘raki’.
this is heaven.
And I lived the last surprise of the day. when the Spanish group arrived.
I found a Turkish friend in the Spanish group.
world is really small. Spanish friends are very young, energetic, smiley and excited.
Than Mr. Tolledis arrived and we had dinner all together, our homekepers are amazing. the foods are very similar with my mother and there is a lot of raki.
Simonetta and Clara said "Onur your eyes are shining" in different times.
It is because of raki, good hospitality and amazing foods. I was really happy.
Than, after I got totally drunk Mr. Tolledi wanted to have a meeting.
I am not sure about what happened after this point.
I think with raki effect meeting was transformed in a great rehearsal or I got drunk and bothered my friends.
I hope my friends think in first way too... And last images of the day comes from my bed. Sheets are smelling the same as my grandmother’s.
I am sleeping in my childhood.

The unique and impressive Residence in Segovia (Spain) took place from 5 to 9 November 2018

November 12/Fabio Tolledi
With different workshops, a visit to the Segovian Traditional Craft Trade Union, a heritage international seminar, a lecture on the traditions of the “Romancero”, different performances the residency in Segovia was impressive and an inspiration for the international visitors.

A creative residency in Constanta (Romania) took place from 1 to 6 October 2018

October 10/Roberta Quarta
At the historial site of Constanta modern culture met history. The international event was composed of meetings, visits of the Park and the Archaeological Museum of the ancient Roman city and the performance "Legends on Circular Ruins", performed by the international artists Georgiana Mazilescu, Liliana Cazan Bărăscu, Diana Vieriu, Otilia Nicoară, Marian Adochiței, Florentin Roman, Ionuț Rusu,Teodor Marcu (State Theatre of Constanta), Simonetta Rotundo, Onur Uysal, Peter Gaidarov, Matteo Mele.

Unparalleled Residence in Nivica (Albania)

September 26/Roberta Quarta
An international public visited the historial site of Nivica, met the community, enjoyed a book presentation, a play by Teatro Astràgali and a play by Fundacion de la Danza Alicia Alonso University.

History meets Culture with "Night of the Poets"

August 29/Marina Colucci
Romanian and Italian poetry. Featuring the Romanian poet Iulia Pana, the actress Mirela Pana (State Theatre of Constanta), the musician Adrian Mihai, in a reading produced by the State Theatre of Constanta. The Italian poet and theatre director Fabio Tolledi, the actress Roberta Quarta, the musician Mauro Tre, in a reading of the poem by Antonio Verri ‘La Betissa’, by Astragali Teatro.

"Metamorfosi" a great success

August 18/Roberta Quarta
The play "Metamorfosi" by Teatro Astràgali performed at the Park of Rudiae was an extraordinary experience: a modern piece of theatre in an ancient surrounding.

Kick-off Meeting

July 1/Fabio Tolledi
The Kick-off meeting for the project "Legends on Circular Ruins" takes place in Lecce (Italy)

The workgroup is complete

June 26/Roberta Quarta
The following professionals from partners organisations have joined: Fabio Tolledi (Artistic Director of Astràgali Teatro), Ivano Gorgoni (Astràgali Teatro), Roberta Quarta (Astràgali Teatro), Grazia Semeraro (Professor of Classical Archaeology at University of Salento-CV is attached), Francesco D’Andria (Professor Emeritus of Archaeology and Director of Specialization School in Archaeology at University of Salento), Daniela Castaldo (Professor of Musical Iconography and Archaeology at University of Salento-Perfoming Arts Degree Course DAMS), Alberto Garcia Castano (Fundacion de la Danza ‘Alicia Alonso’), Luis Llerena (Foundation of Dance ‘Alicia Alonso’), Gloria Garcia Arambarry (Foundation of Dance ‘Alicia Alonso’), Daniela Dumitrescu (State Theatre of Constanta), AlinaVasiliu (Constanta State Theatre), Anisa Avduli (National and Coastal Agency), Auron Tare (National and Coastal Agency).